Cypress Hill - Get Higher

Get Higher


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Cypress Hill - Get Higher
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Текст песни "Cypress Hill - Get Higher"

[Chorus: B-Real] We ridas! - The only life that I know. Ignite us! - Lay 'em down and low. Get higher! - Kush is all that we smoke. You dying! - I thought I told ya before! [x2] [B-Real:] We ride slow. - My stacks so fly Kush we blow is gettin' me high! Bless my soul. - Time flies by, Chasing that dough is gettin' me high! We ride high on the flow with the drummer, son. Inhale, exhale, hit another one! Breathe in breathe out, another summer, son! Smoke 'em out! Understand where I'm coming from. Anytime, anywhere, put it on the line When the smoke clears all your shit is mine. Big banks, big moves, steady popping up Like the cork in the bottle. - Under 30, tho! We unstoppable! - All you bitches gotta go Any audible you call is comical! [echoes] [Chorus] [Bridge: Female] Oh, oh! [scratches] Oh! [scratches] Oh, yeaaaah! [scratches] Oh, oh! [scratches] Ooh! [scratches] Oh, oh yeaaaah! [scratches] [Sen Dog:] Get respect for the words I say (for the words I say!) And the veterano styles that I rep' all day. (that I rep' all day!) Caught on the park, got the Kush one day (got the Kush one day!) Flipping up the cops, cause I just got made. (cause I just got made!) Operation, major street function (street function!) Legendary speakers run deep protection. (run deep protection!) Distribution network - is endless! (is endless!) Won't pay good money for these sentences. (for these sentences!) Messages that reaches the masses (that reaches the masses!) For those who love - the Cannabis and Hashish! (the Cannabis and Hashish!) Get money - and my roll oooon! Take a plane. - Life is soooo bomb! Cypress Hill dwells amongst the highest (dwells amongst the highest!) And you be hooked since the first time you try it. [echoes] [Bridge] [Chorus] [Bridge] [B-Real:] The weak die fast, the strong live hard And we're about to get it on son in every regard! I don't even know the meaning of quit! - You ain't shit! You ain't fit! -You can't flip! - You can't spit! When the club jumps, you can't sit! Impacts on the wall something you can't get! You need a little heart but you thin man Got you on the yellow brick looking for the wizard like tin man! Been in the game call me MVP All your friends come with me to the VIP. Where we - blow them trees and hold them G's And all the birds in the flock distract referees. We blow - out like a thief in the middle of the night. - Game so tight! Can't understand how they make on right! The Hill on the other hand feels so right. Just might - hit your block and change your light. - Let's go! [Chorus] [Bridge]
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