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Pro-Pain - The New Reality

The New Reality


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Pro-Pain - The New Reality
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Текст песни "Pro-Pain - The New Reality"

Enough with the self deprecation We get it, your spineless, we know!! You honor those who are not worthy It's shameless and vile and so... where is the anger, where is the rage? Where are the people the systems enraged? Where is the hope for brighter pastures they promised to send us for life everlasting? and yet the pain inside is like 10 miles wide So consent decree Embrace your new reality All of our leaders insane All of our people, fucked in the brain Conditioned to follow the mass Spreading the lies as news travels fast State your opinion, state it today Last call for life in this last chance cafe' Globalization's great work is at hand enslaving the people, milking the sand We got the end in sight and it's black and white Oh, and it's plain to see Embrace the new reality Deploy all troops and tankers sent by the international bankers We can all use a lesson in history to dispell shock, awe, and the mystery It's the fall of the middle class Thoroughly fucked up and torn a new ass by the fed and blind legislation drawn up by the mob that ransacked this nation It stinks to high holy heaven from the news at 6 to more lies at 11 You better think hard while you tuck the kids in Tell em you love em' and that life's worth living Yeah... it's time to wake the fuck up! Prying for more information ever so slowly exposed No shortage of sinful behavior, the wolf adorns the sheep's clothes Why are the hungry not being fed? Why are these crazy thoughts in my head? Why must religion and culture collide, and why is no one but god on our side? Now we're the enemy and we're soon to be freedom free Embrace the new reality I don't care whether you like me or not You'll soon be face down in your own shit, blood, piss, and snot Praise the lord for the tax cuts he gave you while global elitists like Bush co. enslaved you All pimps just peddling us cheap ho's Holding down 3 jobs with cheap booze and no doze Tabloid press and biblical fixation Rapture your ass, post 3 years of tribulation Don't say I never told you so. It's not like you didn't have a choice, you know? The truth hurts in the world we live in No one's accountable and all are forgiven Too many of us along for the free ride The ark capsized and found us in rip tide Hold true to the words of wisdom Fight the power, and fuck the system!! yeah, fuck the system!!!
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