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Run–D.M.C. - Come On Everybody (feat. Q-Tip)

Come On Everybody (feat. Q-Tip)


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Run–D.M.C. - Come On Everybody (feat. Q-Tip)
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Текст песни "Run–D.M.C. - Come On Everybody (feat. Q-Tip)"

[Run] Mic checka.. [DMC] Yes y'all, and I am.. the grand, imperial wizard.. D.M.C.. And you're listening to the sounds.. as we take you onnnnnn down.. to the lasssssssssssst STOP! [Chorus: Run-D.M.C. (repeat 4X)] Come on everybody, let's all get down [Run] K-k-k-coolin (coolin) relaxin and we're coolin Rulin while we're schoolin ?? the teacher who ya foolin? While in, trainin, your brain and foe are entranced I talk to tiny tots and just like Watson, "Elementary" [D.M.C.] Back in eighty-two and three I made the word 'DEF' Gave life to the mic now you know liggity-left riggity-right (RIGHT, all that, swinger) You was crappin in your Pampers now don't tamper with the ?? [Run] Baddest of the bad, I think of thickness here I come I get dumb (diddy) dumb (diddy diddy) dumb dumb (and here we go) Here we go! HERE WE HERE WE HERE WE GO A lot (of niggaz) bitin (off my) old style flow But up off the subject, you know I shut em down an' I think I seen em sinkin matter fact I seen em drownin (Yo who kicks the flavor?) DJ Run'll keep you guessin Here's a little tip, it's the Tribe for your Quest'n Two-seven and I'm representin, comin from HOLLIS Queens is what I mean, Ma Dukes is cookin COLLARDS Feelin like ??, and matched up sticks Down With the King, and we swing it on the mix of a funky funky (new new) b-boy sound So come on everybody let's all get down [Chorus] [D.M.C.] Break backs, make tracks, take acts and wax a nigga that lacks take gats tap at the trigga D.M.C. you see I got a little bigga Jam Master Jay a with the zigga-zigga Produce, bamboost, let loose the sound No groups or troops could boo me down I slam and jam, command the land Don't give a damn they ban, my band will stand I come to you all knew my crew is true Do what I do, I do since eighty-two I got the rhyme, get mine, I got to climb I won't retire, get higher, I won't resign I'm here to stay okay won't fade away I'm movin past the past I last all day So here we go, I flow, you know the sound So check the show, and yo, let's all get down [Chorus] .. yes yes y'all, a we don't stop [8X] [Run] So come on and flip for me, grip and slip into a hipper tone Not on the dull your skull, cause Run'll rip a dope snare on the tear, rare you never heard this This service served you well and I can tell you're gettin nervous Run, here it come, get some, it's on the diddy-dumb See a silly soft sucker down there ?? ?? of Run Rowdy then you're audi gotta go don't want to be us Torn then you're gone, WORD BOND, none can see us Hop-along on your way, skip-along little Skippy 'fore I fly that box, me bust you all upper-lippy [Chorus 2X] [Q-Tip] Tribe Called Quest, and you don't stop The Midnight Marauders, yeah you don't stop Phife Diggidy, yeah you don't stop Ali Shaheed, c'mon you don't stop ??, yeah you don't stop Check it on out, because you don't stop To my niggaz out on Linden, you don't stop The hardheads in effect, you don't stop And to my niggaz in Hollis, you don't stop All the kids up on Farmers, you don't stop And to my peoples uptown, you don't stop And all my peoples up in Brooklyn, you don't stop And all my peoples in the Bronx, you don't stop Zulu in effect, you don't stop And to my people out West, you don't stop A Run-D.M.C., gettin mad props Check it on out, thanks to Run and thanks to D, and JMJ We on the way, up to the top Never ever stop, gettin mad props, check it out
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