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Maxim - Universal Scientist

Universal Scientist


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Maxim - Universal Scientist
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Текст песни "Maxim - Universal Scientist"

Why do you stay fast asleep? The confrontation's with the sheep The message has been redeployed The emptiness to fill the void The transformation has begun And all at once the world was one And one could wander where he pleases Flashing smiles instead of visas How long will it stay this way? A lot of noise, nothing to say For maximum efficiency Selfish souls drown in the sea Plate tectonics set adrift Dark sarcasm to uplift Once you join you cannot leave us God will lick you with diseases The most destructive force in the universe Nothing can escape it When you don't get your respect It's just a test to keep your mind in check Illuminating I project Some want to call it psycho text The comprehension of a lex Select a time to recollect The blueprints of an architect The double-sided bayonet We're cutting all the safety nets We're breaking down a sacred text Historical revisionist So one of your decisions is Stop spitting all the venomous So we can all get on with this I think it is unanimous The Universal Scientist Are on the endangered list Evaporating like a mist Crooked televangelist That's living in Los Angeles Next door to Scientologists You couldn't even knowledge this Abraham the Universal Scientist Maxim the Universal Scientist Cyrus the Universal Scientist Mazik the Universal Scientist Benyad the Universal Scientist We want to talk about the most destructive force in the universe Nothing can escape it We want to talk about the most destructive force in the universe Nothing can escape it Now I washed you out my mind Like I washed you out my sheets A King without a Queen and my life is still complete My daily allowance of vitamin P from other women's juices Don't confuse this man, I'm still Ruthless Family tree Got the foresight to see And the only energy you got is animosity Living your days through me intravenously O positive, 'cause Universal's how I gotta live It's intrinsic to kick ballistic My metaphysical form has the whole crowd swarm Like fabric get torn Charizmatik I'm sworn To always do the duty The rhymes are problematic and they always come profusely Want some fuckin' static man, then use my terms loosely Terms of endearment while other fuckers try to fear it Insecure with their sexuality Pre-natal telling fables unstable
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