Ice-T - Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

#Gangsta Rap#West Coast Rap

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Ice-T - Mind Over Matter

Текст песни "Ice-T - Mind Over Matter"

Yo Yo, 1-2 in the place to be, M.C. Ice-T, ya know wha I'm sayin Cold loungin' here in the new O.G. LP, you know, Original Gangsters in the House This is goin' out to all my homeboys on the streets and all the brothers locked-down It's been a long while Since I hit ya with freestyle High tech selection From the vaults of the Ice files Kick back, relax, And watch as I melt wax Don't never let a brother like me Write a dope track Cause once I hit it with the vocal tone It's mine, have motherfuckers Rush'n to rewind Cause I'll flow slow And still twist your tongues up Rock the house from night Till the sun's up Cause it really ain't How much you say it's what you sy I got no fuckin' time on the mic To play I write rhymes With addition and algebra Mental geometry Don't even come at me Talk'n that weak and Popin' that bullshit Get out my face A fool could get his head split A lot of doubters Said it couldn't be done by me them same suckers Are now lookin' from under me Wonder'n what I did I didn't play myself kid I respected my fans And made the high bid Sometimes I write my rhymes At night and fall asleep Wake up with new techniques Grab the pen And place it on some loose leaf Nothin' soft, always the tough meat The white paper and Blue lines excite my mind Not allow'n me to stop the rhyme Until the whole motherfuckin' Book's complete Then I write on the Back of the sheets I made promise To my brothers in street crime We'd get paid with the use Of a sweet rhyme We put our minds together Made the tracks clever Now we're checkin' More bank than ever Mind over matter (So ya got to have Mind Power, like the fellah's say...) Mind over matter (Mind Power) I can drop rhymes in twos, And threes and fours And still have much shit Left for encores Cause when my mind locks In on a dope idea Motherfuckin' ducks Should stand clear Cause I'm a hit the topic point blank It's jail ya better keep your shank Cause I got mine And I'm out on a solo creep (Uggga!) Your face hits the concrete You wanna roll With the niggas that don't play I think you got false courge Get out my damn way Cause the car I'm in Is rollin' full of men No kids or boys, E got the Mac 10 Islam's got the Zulu Nation back up DJ Aladdin's who Hooked the fuckin' track up Syndicate's make'n the move With the ski masks And I'm house'n the long cash So now you realize You underestimated the Ice You thought that I was OK But now you realize I'm nice But that's alright Cause I knew I'd mke it in the end Those who like me now Might not of liked me then But I'm a keep impressin' Stressin' my lesson And keep motherfuckers guessin' Armor plate my mind With walls and shields As I escape from the killing fields (I can understand) Mind over matter (I know what it means. Mind Power) Mind over matter Wise up Move the tempo of this hype groove You know this shit is dope So what you try'n to prove Vu's max as Evil E My niggaa dogs the wax My brain's a handgrenade-catch I'm a hit you with an over load Of bottomless thought Reversin' all the shit you're taught Then throw words at you Syl-la-ble-at-a-time Your brain recites the rhyme No matter what you do The power's over you when you sleep You'll be say'n these rhymes too Cause the brain has the power To control all Think positive You'll be unable to fall Brain cells swell Thought process becomes a trance Makes you feel posessed to dance I'll say I want a million My mind is so deep I'll
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