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Wyclef Jean - Party to Damascus (feat. Missy Elliott)

Party to Damascus (feat. Missy Elliott)


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Wyclef Jean - Party to Damascus (feat. Missy Elliott)
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Текст песни "Wyclef Jean - Party to Damascus (feat. Missy Elliott)"

[Wyclef Jean (Missy Elliott)] Brrrr, Yeah,(ew, ew, ew, EW! yeah) it's over, uh huh (that's right) Missy With The Preachers Son, uh huh (ok) It's over (ok), I told ya (yeah) J-CLEF, let's go (ew, WOO) Brrrrr [Missy Elliott - talking] (uh oh) Yeah, hey yo Clef (oh) Uh oh, these motherfuckers ain't ready for this shit (hey) [Missy Elliott] Me and Clef on this track what you want Heard you wanna battle us both I hope you don't Hand me my mic, two woofers in my trunk (huh) Sound like gonk-ga-gonk-ga-gonk-ga-gonk-ga-ga-ga-gonk (c'mon) I drink that Dom Perignon (oh) I drink that shot of Petron to turn me on (uh) I got that red eye bomb, get you stoned (yeah) I got them gunshots, head knock 'til my bed stop [Wyclef Jean] Hey, I'm from a place called New Jersey, they call it the New Jersey land I'm only here for one night girl, I'm on the plane tomorrow But I love the way you move girl and do that belly dancin So let's play you're my teacher and won't you give me my first lesson (C'MON) [Break - Missy Elliott] I teach you what you want (oh yeah) The things you need to know (oh yeah) Come in and shut the door (yeah) Lets get this party goin (uh huh) Baby let me show you, how you can satisfy a girl needs (oh yeah, c'mon, c'mon) [Chorus - w/ ad libs] In the mornin, in the evenin In the nighttime, gotta have it It's a feelin I can't fight it You got me speakin another language [Female voice (Israeli actress/singer Alona Tal):] Bo, Habibbi, Nishtage'a [Hebrew. English: "Come on, my friend/man, let's get crazy"] It's official raise your glasses Cause this party gonna go to Damascus [Wyclef Jean] Yeah, she said her dad's in the Army and he's the number one sniper And if he ever found out, he'd have me swimmin with the fishes in the water Now I'ma say somethin crazy girl, I love you I know we meetin for the first time in the club, but this feels like a deja vu [Break - w/ ad libs] [Chorus - w/ ad libs] [Interlude - Wyclef Jean - 2X] Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday, Saturday, Sunday, gotta have it [Missy Elliott] W-Y to the Clef (c'mon) Boy I keep it realer than the titties on my chest (yeah) "Milk does your body good," come on take a sip Like [3 slurping noises], it taste good don't it You's a fine dreadlock, come on get How many times Missy crushed the very best? How many bombs on my summer, Funk Flex? (uh) As many times as Teddy Reilly said "yep, yep" Did you get it? I stays on your mind like a fitted (uh) Like diddy itmake you walk for cheesecakes to the city? (woo) Rough chick, dirty jeans, ain't nothin pretty (uh) Me and Clef steppin to the mic to get busy (c'mon) [Chorus] [Missy Elliott - talking] (uh oh) Yeah, hey yo Clef (uh oh) Uh oh [Wyclef Jean - talking] What's up Missy (uh oh) You know I love ya girl (oh) What's up Missy Let's go (uh) I got the guitar soundin like a satar Holy, holy, Jerry Wonder I need some security Call police [fades out]
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