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Run–D.M.C. - Ragtime



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Run–D.M.C. - Ragtime
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Текст песни "Run–D.M.C. - Ragtime"

[Run] I.. woke up this morning got ready to roll Put on my green bomber it was, freezing cold Applied longjohns with Adidas not matching I called up Jam Master cause I knew he was scratching (Whassup?) Jay to the telly music, loud as hell He said - "Hold up Run," [DING DONG], "it's the bell!" Jay to the door as he leaves the cut for his eyes a surprise, "D.M.C. WHASSUP?" [D.M.C.] I need a little help Jay, I got a little problem A guy like yourself, maybe you can help me solve em I only want to know why this happens all the time (What?) Everywhere I go, I start to rap and rhyme I rock them in the day (yeah you rock em every night) I rock em when I left so def I knew something was wrong (alright) I rhyme when I am sleeping, I rhyme when I'm awake When I was nine I said a rhyme by putting candles on my cake I just came from the bank (you said a rhyme?) A rhyme so funny A song about the line so long they all gave me their money That's why I came to you, you're my friend (yes that is true) Said maybe Jay knows what to say, he'll tell me what to do.. [Jay] Hmmmm.. yo you go get Joe, and all the rhymes you made And we'll go to the bank, AND WE CAN ALL GET PAID! [Run] Cruisin down the block, in the sixty-six Olds Girls are on the jock like the ride was a Rolls Feelin kinda great, got change for the toll Suckers gotta wait, that's your fate, poor soul Heard you on the records and I heard you on the tapes Stop, switch the conversation over to grapes, because you're not bustin none, so stop fussin son You're not down with Rush, they call us Russ and Run Since that's the company, you won't be chumpin me Here's the man, ask that fan (Run big brother D!)
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