Run–D.M.C. - Beats To The Rhyme

Beats To The Rhyme


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Run–D.M.C. - Beats To The Rhyme

Текст песни "Run–D.M.C. - Beats To The Rhyme"

[D.M.C.] DJ's and MC's, coming up next is the one and only incredible, Jam Master Yo, back up off the ropes, punk [Run] Beats to the rhyme, the rhyme I just made Party at the jammie til lights the night fade Trooping for the feature we all get paid So let's go [D.M.C.] Yo! D that's me, the King, the MC Rhyme get mine on the t-o-p Can another MC ever rock this beat? (Hell yeah) [Run-D.M.C.] It's like the A the B to the C It's easier than (1, 2, 3) (He's Jam Master Jay, I'm D.M.C.) So here's Run It's time for we to cease (So what?) So rhymers speak your peace Why? Cause you can't touch (Jam Master Jay) Cause he's number (1, 2, 3, 4, hit it) Dance to the rhythm, the rhyme, the cold flow Chance to give em is done I told yo For these routines like 1983 It's just a little reminder So those suckas is kinder A little message from (Run-D.M.C.) [Run] Cuts for days will amaze and maze But will make you sad to tan all the dance aways Got the mic, the man, the master plan But the ram, the jam (Know I am?) Goddamn! Spins he wins, clocking MS ends To his friends he lends, lotta joy he sends Jay lose today, this is what I say (Dick in your mouth all day) [D.M.C.] My beats were played and laid rhymes made Jay DJ'ed and I got paid Made something out of nothing (Yo D that's true) Yes my brother I would do it for you I roam in the zone of the microphone And I'm on the throne but I'm not alone Got bones of steel and not of stone I'm known to be prone and make your momma moan [Run] Time for the rhyme so let the stars shine Shame for the fame and the name combined Run for the fun but you can gimme your ring Show I gotta go so now a word from the King [D.M.C.] Hardcore, rhymes galore, giving you more And like I said before... Beats to the rhyme the name of this jam D that's me and that's who I am Rocking on the mic cause you know I can You gotta understand I don't give a damn [Run] Jay hit a play today I must say Hooray to the way that is A-OK As we wax the tracks all the DJ's play With (dick in your mouth) A little (dick in your mouth) A big (dick in your mouth all day)
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