Styles Of Beyond - Be Your Dog

Be Your Dog

#Hip-Hop#Underground Rap

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Styles Of Beyond - Be Your Dog

Текст песни "Styles Of Beyond - Be Your Dog"

[Ryu:] Hmmm. Ya, It's Megadef What you know bout Chepshots Ya (Ya), Yo (Yo) What you know about Tak (Tak) What you know about Ryu (Faggot) What You know about this huh (ahhhhh) [Tak:] Another half ass hit out now We used to chill till the mother f (Screech) did our style It's kinda funny how You and your friends of small towns Act like got something big, to drawn down, silly Prolly confuse serve it up to shock Cause when you rhyme you sound like bolt combust combine Don't act like you don't know You and your crew couldn't hold it down solo Your full of poop, so I'm a scoop the fecies and put it in a pamper Let it drag and any time you call I won't answer Won't get a cab and ride for free You a little kitten that shouldn't of climbed the tree Now your stuck with the truth, till we dig up the bones I feel pregnant, birth to my visible clones So for nine months I'm back rap, watch them grow With your back pack clown you sound sloppy though, c'mon [Chorus:] Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I Wanna Be You Dog [Ryu:] Listen Up Faggot! (Ahhhhhhhhh!) Knock, knock come off the damn platinum Stab back and drop the plaque, pop, pop So cock the magnum Walk, walk blow shots off at random While you with Tak We don't stop the anthem, get my flow back Low jack, phone tap punk the Pink Panther Give me a sol clap, click clack, rip that Snap necks quicker then Kit-Kats Knick-Knack paddy whack pistol whip, pump the jams up Wild west SOB's shit's bonanza Who the fuck wants it Spits guitar picks Slit you neck with a Bic razor across it, uh Knock the bitch lead singer unconscious No pets, so don't step, watch the dog shit [Chorus:] Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I Wanna Be You Dog [Tak:] Signed a bad deal with a weak video Maybe if I asked then I wouldn't need serial Wouldn't have to beg anybody for shit Specially to play me like I'm some kind of a bitch Every other day people just want to swallow my spit Like I'm a plunger just lunge into the domino kits And promoters with the fat heads You and your chick friends You don't even know what rap is, you trippin' 47 boots on the chin and I'm marquee Any niggers heads spinnin' words out of my three Hardiness skill, I'll be a thrill, something that ain't real it's obvious still So for the hell of it we dropped another album Shock every freak, artificial intelligence From popped pills get the mag-in-um click Reload if necessary just to handle the kick, bitch [Chorus:] Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I Wanna Be You Dog Now I wanna be your hip-hop nerd
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