Xzibit - Release Date (feat. Sir Jinx)

Release Date (feat. Sir Jinx)


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Xzibit - Release Date (feat. Sir Jinx)

Текст песни "Xzibit - Release Date (feat. Sir Jinx)"

Yeah, today the big day [xzibit] Been here four years, eleven months and twenty-nine hot ones One more day and I’m a free man walkin Leavin from behind these gates, I paid my debt to the state And ever since they took the weights Wasn’t much for a nigga to do but start thinkin Wishin I was back home drinkin every weekend Remember like it’s yesterday, eight-teen and ? I can’t remember the letters I just wrote a lot of them Goin for a ride that I cannot stop Set up shop in cochran, connect the dots And for those that don’t know, thats the pen-east to fresno Northeast to baskersfield, fuck "let’s make a deal" Livin around niggaz who kill, right along with the niggaz who will At the drop of a hat, sharpen up anything hard to stab you with that Niggaz givin up the manhood they can’t get back It’s a sick university, murder the cirriculum Concrete campuses, I miss los angeles More than that I’m missin my kids Missin my turf, missin my bitch, what could be worse? Shouldn’t have asked that, called the bitch collect (it’s xzibit) Some nigga picked up, wanted to break her neck When kites slide up under your door, you slide them back Cause when you pick em up and read em that’s where you’re at And if you ain’t rollin with that then watch your back Level four right away, gettin hit the same day Playin the price for the games you play Never realize how precious time is til you give it away Can’t remember what a t-bone taste like I stayed awake nights listening to the sounds of prison life Motherfuckers cryin, shanks gettin sharpened Tacs gettin taced up, plottin and talkin Sellin everything from weed to blow When it’s time for you to go you’re the last to know Niggaz holdin weight, essays got the power Locked down, one shower every seventy-two hours ? tuna, trigger happy sharpshooters Waitin for the jump off, can’t wait to thump off Had to smash a nigga readin my shit Tryin to intercept my outside and write my bitch I seen niggaz sleep for weeks, get too weak And then physically and mentally cannot compete Find new shit to master, make the time move faster Home sweet home, shipped off to land caster Kept a low pro, close to home and I’m trippin Time to catch up with all the shit that I been missin Everybody runnin they mouth, pussy to count Cause bitches in cali love niggaz thats freshed out But some of these niggaz on swipe Gettin out with the virus caught from the nigga he liked Fuck that, when I touch back I got plans If I can’t rock the powder, rock the fans Give my naked pictures away, shake some hands Hope I never seen none of you motherfuckers again On all times take the long walk to the front gate Dress out expandin shit, today my release date [talking] [x] alright my niggaz, I’m gone, see you in an ounce dog, woo! [g] what’s up nigga [x] yeah, what’s up nigga [g] hey get in the car, my nigga, sup x? Here goes ya motherfuckin chain nigga Lucky I didn’t pawn that motherfucker [x] ha, yeah right Check it out dog, everybody know that you just got out That shit was all on the radio But dig it I got two strippin bitches Just flew in from motherfuckin las vegas Ready to get down and dirty, I got a pound of weed, got on the hennessy Everybody at the club waitin, what you wanna do? [x] take me to the motherfuckin studio
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