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Xzibit - Heart Of Man (feat. Jelly Roll)

Heart Of Man (feat. Jelly Roll)


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Xzibit - Heart Of Man (feat. Jelly Roll)
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Текст песни "Xzibit - Heart Of Man (feat. Jelly Roll)"

[Xzibit] Ain't a damn thing promised to ya Except livin your life, and dyin one day, I'm just bein honest to ya It take a whole lot, just to get a little Gettin caught up in the middle the answer to life's riddles never, come that easy, but it was easy to lead me, but it wasn't easy to see me Get up off the block to the TV And sell a couple million CD's, best believe me You see these callouses on my soul? Couldn't let hate and paralysis, take control I pick you up when you down 'til I can't no mo' My name sting in your mouth like canker sores Been at war my whole life, sleepless nights Endless fights, but still can't walk to the light Cause my work ain't finished on earth, for what it's worth From the cradle to the hearse, God and family first, for real [Chorus: singer] Somewhere in the heart of man (somewhere, within, somewhere) There comes a time when he must understand (when he must understand) The strong withstand, the weak will fall [repeat] Cause tomorrow may not come at all [repeat] [Xzibit] Life ain't long, it's more like a snapshot You can have the top, I live for the hop Never take a day I'm breathin on this planet for granted Time for change, time for growth, peace understandin See but niggaz keep forcin my hand, disturbin my plans Bringin out the soldier in a peaceful man It's like tryin to build a house on sand; you never get a solid foundation, one man can change the nation Yo I put that on all creation; Haitian, Jamaican African, Asian, Caucausian, Indian Whatever your persuasion, this is the message Time is of essence especially when you're countin your blessings Lessons learned from the deepest of pain, it's not a game Keep my name outta your mouth and I'ma keep it the same, ya dig? It's a shame, graduated to the rap game Only to find out crack and rap was the same thang, damn!! [Chorus] [Xzibit] Who got skill? Who got hustle? Who got they family with 'em? Who pay for they muscle? Yo it's all gon' come out in the wash, the lost angel with dirty wings, bullets ricochet off my halo I lay low for no one, I love my life Ain't afraid of no hard work and sacrifice Was born twice through the life of my seed Makin sure he see a side of life, I was never able to see Hittin home like "Ground Zero," move over now Peace to the real heroes, still underground I put it down for the homies that came that's hard in the paint I'm livin proof it's never to late, you straight Once in a while I go back to the main strip And see the same niggaz still doin the same shit And all I can do is increase the flow Put it out, let it soak in, and hope they grow, c'mon [Chorus - repeat 2X]
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