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Xzibit - What A Mess (Bonus Track)

What A Mess (Bonus Track)


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Xzibit - What A Mess (Bonus Track)
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Текст песни "Xzibit - What A Mess (Bonus Track)"

Yeah, keep that Huh.. what a mess Yeah.. I see you (primo!!) Yeah.. I was blessed with some clarity right? Uh-huh, hah.. i'ma sit back Tell you niggaz what I been lookin at, huh [xzibit] Y'all niggaz is killin me You got bloods and crips in new york city, is anybody feelin me? I ain't concerned with who gon' shoot who I'm only concerned with music, and who break through Fuck you, for thinkin platinum is the ultimate goal These faggot niggaz gettin they money, but losin they soul I don't wanna hear shit from you niggaz with no background No backbones, you get no chance to back down Deal how we deal witcha, peons, no chips Changin whips out so they can look richer I see the big picture, startin in the kitchen With bricks and pyrex pots, the widescreen edition Listen, I seen niggaz hit with so much time loc They have to die and come back three times to see them white folks Take notes, cause you will be tested Vested up, drunk as fuck, large caliber weapons I feel you.. rap niggaz, fuckin it up Monkey-mouthed muh'fuckers, spoilin the cut For real niggaz in the street, really hustlin weight See they networks and blueprints on hip-hop tapes Johnny law catchin on, soakin up the game How you think they find the stash spots and follow the slang? stupid Grown men playin cops and robbers Death for dollars, I'm too laid back to holla [chorus 2x: (scratched by dj premier)] [x] what a mess.. And ruff up, the motherfuckin house - gza Hope y'all niggaz hearin this right We.. we gon'.. we gon' gon' win [xzibit] Look at what we leavin behind We back at square one, ridin, with nuttin to ride fo' Dyin for nuttin worth dyin fo' The blind lead the blind with a blindfold, with eyes wide shut Save mine up, cause nothin ever last forever Never nothin out of my reach, we blast whoever I can split a muh'fucker from his ass to his last thought Shit talk, then stomp through the asphault It's yo' fault we tow-truck for your outline In due time, you'll find, the world is mine So I listen to the rhetorhic, jealousy and the ignorance Can't stop me nigga, my mind too militant God blessed me with a chin And a heavy right-left combination that'll cave your face in So don't make me hurt you, patience is virtue They only got a few of us let, huh [chorus] [xzibit] Primo.. turn me up.. Now it's two-thousand-and-two; where kids do Whatever the fuck they wanna do, huh, sad but true Wanna take another life like it's the thing to do Shit, we the biggest gang, flaggin red white and blue baby Designer drugs, pimps and thugs Can't shoot, innocent folks, hit with slugs One day it's gon' all make sense, 'til then Use your brains and your strength it's your best defense, c'mon [chorus w/ variations] [x] what a mess..
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