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M.O.P. - Salute



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M.O.P. - Salute
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Текст песни "M.O.P. - Salute"

Lyrics: Uhh, uhh... Uhh, uhh... M.O.P. in the house kid BLAU! You knowhatimsayin, check this out Lil Fame`s a trigga nigga Billy Danze a trigga nigga Aight? Keepin it real Brownsville still nigga [Lil Fame] Lil Fame, a young as* nigga wit talent Thug that move silent, but still remain violent The Brownsville slugger take the M-1 it`s truth General of this hit game, clak, clak, salute [Billy Danze] Billy Danze, index finger exerciser Bell ringer, gun slinger, survivor Raise your right and I`ll blaze the living proof The godfather to truth, clak, clak, salute [Lil Fame] Since we came here we got to show and prove The M.O.P. is rugged never smooth We tearin this sh*t down just like construction Flip like kilos, with this Primo production [Billy Danze] No doubt, hit `em wit that hilltop flavor Hardcore niggas on your doorstep neighbor And this year, here, niggas can`t compare Spectators, haters, cuz we`re f**kin with Premier [Lil Fame] Fillin `em up wit raps in fact they can`t get wit A code red, the dope shit, got you niggas addicted Mr. Danzenie and the Fame stayin true to this game Since you nice was that hip hop gangsta M.O.P. guranteed to keep bringin this dopeness For the real thugs and ghetto niggas slingin toasters On all coastses, north to south, east to west Got high clientele for sh*t you least expect [Billy Danze] M.O.P. from the hill kid, what you tryin to tell me Still grippin mo` steel, a machine gun deli I mention, and flinching, and waitin for you to duck the gate And sellin sh*t that I won`t tolerate WSUP?! My whole team`s in the house The gat is 1 5 4 5 not four 5`s in your f**king mouth Same ones, burner on blaze f**k a memory, y`all remember me for bustin my thang...
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