Clipse - Im Serious

Im Serious


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Clipse - Im Serious

Текст песни "Clipse - Im Serious"

Okay Pusha Minus the T [Pusha T] OK, Pusha...minus the T Niggas is talkin' to blasphemous Tell me is it these ashy cuts that got you thinkin' I'm not in touch with that mask 'n glove Don't let the Reverend hold your casket cuz We think you thinkin' These verses is curses the only thing worse is I'm the ring master of the circus Meanin' that, I'm the only one in the show with purpose Most of you motherfuckers don't scratch the surface Look, still ghetto, still tot' heavy metal Still throw a nickname on all of my vehicle Like the Copperfield coupe, now you see it now you don't With one flick of the wrist wow! the roof will go poof! (poof) I'm an achiever make all of you believers And I'll be damned if you overthrow Virginia's Caesar Spend a day, sin a way, walk with me Hug corners in the hood like a ghetto renegade switch! Spend a way, rolls gold Jesus Pink diamonds face flush like it was Duncan pink lemonade Listen I'm not actin', this not rappin' this is live in action Let's consider all the facts in I got caught dealin' some way back when Now that I'm blowin' it's smoother men I know its hurts to see it but players please believe it [Chorus: Pusha T (2x)] I'm cool what you wishin', don't talk 'cause I'm listenin' Fuck 'round and end up missin' if you curious No weed or no vodka my soul will make me pop ya Don't make me have to milk box ya, I'm serious [Malice] See how ya boy do I pull up in that ride quick 50 on the wrist leanin', niggas is sick Steamin' they can't understand the meanin' So they plot and conjure up ways to interrupt my well bein' But that 9's been a damn good friend Plus worthy made it to see 30 and I owe it all to him Jewels lookin' as if I done robbed a vault So if your bitch takes an interest it is not her fault I mean look, head to toe heavy in weight Pockets loaded hey I must say I take a cake They speak ill, but words don't break him bone They bounce off him, 'cause see him is purchasin' homes See his stones how they complement each other Size of the rocks and they fluctuate in color That him is me get a clue enough's is enough Took it easy on y'all fuckers and I ain't even rimed my truck (Uhh) To put it simple I'm a rarity ma From the cars to the jewels what clarity ha Stick with me show you life thats out of this world And I ain't lyin' to you love I only lie to my girl I lust for the riches what a treat this is The Lord is dealin' with my demons and my weaknesses God forgive lose it all or God forbid But from the Cradle 2 The Grave I'm a live [Chorus (4x)]
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