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Drag-On - Fireman



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Drag-On - Fireman
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Текст песни "Drag-On - Fireman"

I don't think you wanna hurt nobody I just wanna live my life Feel me? Come on baby (Elite) Where we at baby Let's get it C'mon [Drag-On]: How many niggas ever seen a shot gun shot Look like somethin comin at you non-stop James Brown make you "Say it loud" Just walk through this block, air it out Anybody can pump a lead off Let me see you shoot a .50 calibur gone pop a head off We can let it off You see my movies you say who represent my dog and I'm a edit off So you niggas better move back Somebody better duck their head Cause your bloody minds bout to be in all black Cause a nigga white tee bout to turn red And I don't give a shit! When I stand in front of the judge yeah I did it what I'm in a cell by myself Cause I don't wanna HURT NOBODY [Chorus]: I'm that hood I'm them streets I'm them lyrics and them beats I'm that weed I'm that X I'm that sex that you need I'm that nigga with your wife I'm that comma layin right I'm that match that you light When you ain't got no light I'm your fireman [Drag-On]: Who the fuck say Drag couldn't come back (He said it) Now where my gun at Nigga won that Cause I don't raise a lot of niggas and not I want my sons back I catch a nigga at a party Matter fact I be up in his lobby Lettin my man hold his shotty Cause I don't wanna HURT NOBODY Sometimes I gotta do what I gotta do Pull out just shoot for I gotta shoot And your nigga on the roof My shoes and slip I hope he gotta parachute I'm in the zone dawg I'm by myself at my home dawg Everybody just leave me the fuck alone Cause I don't wanna HURT NOBODY [Chorus] [Dag-On]: I wasn't grown right My head wasn't screwed on tight That's why I pause every line Cause I take time For a boss to map out his crime This idea with a snitch Cut his tongue and mail it to his bitch Cause when a nigga run his lips It makes me wanna HURT SOMEBODY But I ain't the nigga that'll Come up with chitter chatter Cause if you owe me a favor, talkin dont really matter Either you got it or you don't Or you're real or you won't Shut until you don't You ring you better hide your thoughts Now you on life support Can't cry you might die driving But instead got my nig pulling me outta here Cause I don't wanna HURT NOBODY
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