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Bazaar Royale - Whats It All For

Whats It All For


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Bazaar Royale - Whats It All For
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Текст песни "Bazaar Royale - Whats It All For"

[Chorus: Bazaar Royale - singing] What's it all forrrrr? Tour bus, studio, and the fans What's it all forrrrr? Chicks and whips with twenty inch rims What's it all forrrrr? To feed my family and my friends What's it all forrrrr? To change your world the best I can [Verse One: Bazaar Royale - singing] From N.Y.C. Born in Brooklyn, but live in Budget Queens The natives call it Beijing Jabroods(?) get they back on dollar codeine I've been burnin it down On them benches in Carlisle That's where I'll be If you wanna come and battle to the beat [Chorus] [Verse Two: Bazaar Royale - rapping] Born to this life of PAIN!! My momma told me Boy, if you die in yo' life, don't die in vain Mastered the game that will bring you fame with that on my brain embedded like a stain (UHH!) I may change as I change lanes tryin to change the game BAZAAR ROYALE, that's my name Me doin me is DOIN THE DAMN THANG And me doin me is DOIN THE DAMN THANG [Chorus] [Verse Three: Bazaar Royale - singing] I spit razor, I come hard Timbs and hoodies, I rip bars I'm a rock star, from the boulevard Where it be fat with awesome cars I can stand the pain the rain cause (?) But I'm calloused, bruised, and scarred, livin in the barn With the snake, the cat, the rat and the dog Stay strapped with the mac, the gat and the log [Chorus] You gotta go get it (*repeat 8X*) [Verse Four: Bazaar Royale - rapping] (Mother-uhh-fuckers!) One breath away from havin a asthma attack I live in Beijing, that's five minutes from Iraq I'm a hundred thousand dollars shy of havin long cash Givin shots to the plans(?) and that's the wastelands This is Bazaar Royale Bloodline, Def Jam (what?) From the Cradle 2 the Grave (Bobby Seals!) Yeah, shouts to my man Shy-T (Man Royale, uhhh!) (Yeah!) Loose, Jinx, Kashmir, Big stan - uhh, YOU KNOW! Silence! I want quiet! Or I'ma start a motherfuckin riot! I don't care if you click sinks like a pirate You know my motto, let's get violent! Let's get violent! Dark Man X, Man Royale Entertainment ... What's it all forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?
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