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Ol' Dirty Bastard - Harlem World

Harlem World

#Gangsta Rap#Hardcore Rap#East Coast Rap

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Ol' Dirty Bastard - Harlem World
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Текст песни "Ol' Dirty Bastard - Harlem World"

Intro: Ol Dirty Bastard, Shorty Shit Stain, and others (the first line originally ended Dirty Dancin on Jerky Boys sountrack) Shit that makes me high [one two, one two] Yo, we gonna bring it down, to Harlem World Bust your fuckin chops Yo I remember when niggaz was lookin at themselves on Farmers, motherfuckers was wearin double goose Motherfuckers actin all rowdy I'm sayin though [one two, one two] The whole trip that was never shown I'm sayin though See cause the knife, is the knife, of all knives Most people gather around To hear the show, that is comin through your town (I was playin) See my name [what what?] Is somethin, that you won't know Unless you're dowwwwwwwwn, with the Brooklyn Zoo Other brothers come But never... come back (Introducing) So basically, what the Ol motherfuckin Dirty Bastard is sayin is that if you fuck around [one two, one two] You're gonna get yo' ass fucked up So don't fuck around just lay down Verse One: Ol Dirty Bastard I remember (dnnah-dah)(dnh, duh, dnh, dnnah-dah) Not too long ago I went to a city And I saw a Wu-Tang show Now I always wanted To get, with, the band But niggaz was singin they own songs bein in they own worlds So I guess I, I guess I, RARAARRRRAAHHH!!! The terminology, the psychology you still expect me to accept Do what I say off of TV, kay with the button on record and the other on thus I press pause for a serious cause to respect an intellect with this gratifying now that I'm ready let the music begin as I detect what I wrote with my through the time that I spent, money that I lent rap records went up just to bounce then became a new way to get paid they said Rhymin on the mic is the number one Then a brother get the feeling that he want to play cool you discombumberated diabolical fool Hog-flesh MC, go play in the mud Another 20th century, modern day Cannibal, humanoid, underground chud broke loose from the god damn dope-fiend addict why you walk with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome when the MC's came, to live out their name roast rockin rhymes that was always when I elevated, and mastered the time You was stimulated from the high post You got shot cause you knew you were rot Verse Two: You're not the king of the diss youse a queen of a bitch And like a homosexual your ass always switch Niggaz wake up in the morning you're ugly-ass Gods Got slob around your mouth blue code in your eye You can't smile your teeth too gritty Can't even move, drawers too shitty (you know what else) You're shaped like a thistle The holes in your drawers when you fuck been there since YOU DUCKIN SUCKIN MOTHERFUCKIN COLD-HEARTED FAGGOT Sperm germs on your worm DISINTEGRATED MAGGOTS Repeat your rhymes all the time like a FUCKIN parrot Phony gold chains only rated two carats You tell your friends that your home is like heaven Livin in the gutter sewer seven pipe eleven You wear your socks twelve days in a row Turn them on the other side so the dirt won't show Go to school, take a shit, don't wipe your ass Claimin on another sucka nigga in your class YOU WANNA BATTLE? Is it the pork on your fork, or the swine on your mind Make you rap against a brother with a weak-ass rhyme Swine on your mind, pork on your fork Make you imitate the brother in the state of New York Chain on your BRAIN, that drove you inSANE When you tried to CLAIM, for the talent and the FAME Not in the GAME, yet and still you CAME Suffer the PAIN, as I demolish your NAME Not like Betty Crocker, baking cake in the OV Sayin this is dedicated to the one I love Not a swine or dove, from the heaven's up above When I rap, people CLAP, so the pushers they shove When I rhyme I get LOOSE, better than Mother Goo
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