50 Cent - Soldier



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50 Cent - Soldier

Текст песни "50 Cent - Soldier"

[Intro- 50 Cent] You ready? OK let me wind you up Do it exactly the way i say do it man, these niggas are pussy, you heard me? Get up nice and close (yeah!) [Chorus- 50 Cent] I put that battery in his back I'm the reason why he move like that That's my mu'fuckin toy Soldier I tell him pop that gat, he gon' pop that gat You dont wanna play wit my Toy Soldier I say it's on, then it's on Until ya life is over, Fuckin wit my Toy Soldier If he's a casualty in war, trust me I got more You don't want it wit my Toy Soldier [Verse 1: 50 Cent] This is so close, now follow instructions Catch a nigga slippin, run up on him and buck him I ain't got no conscience, them whores are nothin' They ain't wit us, they against us, We supposed to touch em Here's what to do if you see him approach me, Pop that nigga, "I dont care if you know me. Half the niggas hatin on me used to be homies I don't trust em when they smile or when they frown, cause they foney Everytime I come around they call the police on me Thats why the D's in the precinct know me They know 'bout my rap shit, they know bout how i clap people I'm like I'm in a track meet, swift wit the mack , B You could see the envy in they eyes fa sho mayne Mad as a mothafucka that I'm holdin See me in the back of the Phantom Rollin Quick to make examples outta niggas fa sho man Hold me down [Chorus] [Verse 2: 50 Cent] Shoot, Stab, Kill mufucka You ain't bout it I don't want ya around, cocksucker Every word out my mouth is felt That uz I pop, them hollow's so hot, yo ass will melt Barber razor in the club, stunt n I'll give you a ?? stich, gored, ya head all taped up niggas know how I get down, see they know when I'm around Haha, my soldiers around in this, some shit go down, and a nigga get laid down Its no surprise cause niggas know how I get down Black tint on the Testarossa, Hammer out the holster, gat in my lap in case u gotta get clapped You monkey niggas swing through my hood, we on that gorilla shit You clap off and miss, we come back and start killin shit Catch us on the corner wearin black chinchilla shit We organize discipline, plus we militant [Chorus] [Verse 3: Tony Yayo] [Wierd intro by Yayo] I'm in that coupe phantom, and the bodies kitted Waves in my head, lookin like tsunamis hit it niggas scheme, the infrared beam's on the mac I put green on yo head like an Oakland A's hat My boy was a dolja, now he a soulja My lil' son ?? lettin off the ruger In a whip mashed up, lookin for his enemies Ridin and gassed up off double D batteries Mass casualties, is hooked to them IV's 50 gimme the word, thats when I squeeze Click clack, take that, fall back, its a contract 50 grand, and 50 man [chorus]
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