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Ol' Dirty Bastard - Cracker Jack

Cracker Jack


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Ol' Dirty Bastard - Cracker Jack
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Текст песни "Ol' Dirty Bastard - Cracker Jack"

You bitches can't do nothin" repeats In background through intro [Intro: ODB] It's Ol' Dirty Bastard and shit, know'm sayin? I wanna give a big shout out to my nigga Lou KnowI'msayin? You know, you know, know I wanna lock all the bitches down I wanna lock all the bitches down from the North To East, to West, to South KnowI'msayin? I wanna.. help me put these bitches in my trance I want y'all to suck my lizard You bitches wanna fuck me when you smell my under-arms [ODB] I'll make yo' dick disappear I ain't hearin' anymore weird sounds in the air PSSSSSSS... you can't purr no more You wanna kneel and suck dick? I'mma keep your throat sore Bitch you got herpes in ya ass Every time you fuck a nigga, he dies fast And you won't last The pussy break down from a rash It's hard for you to walk, cuz you stuck up in your ass Don't ask me for no cash You better not be tellin' me to give them no cash Ash, bash, crash, sad ass [Hook: ODB] Give me a little of that Cracker Jack You ain't caramel coated Cracker Jack Well surprise, bitch you gonna get waxed That's that shit, you can't do nothin' about [ODB] Girls ain't pretty to me anymore Cuz you ain't bein a real whore Ooh, you ain't a real whore *I'm gettin' hot and touchin' myself!* You can't say, wear nails anymore You ain't givin a, manicure Suckin' my dick is gonna be your cure If you don't, your punishment You can't get off until you suck my dick Physically I operate your brain to function Give me anything, that I want and ALL GIRLS WANNA FUCK ME EVERYDAY And give me that, the money Don't even know it happens naturally Especially when I'm playin with the chemistry THE MONEY COMIN TO ME FIRST You gonna keep dyin til you die from thirst I WANT A DIFFERENT GIRL EVERYDAY If you wanna die, you gotta drink my sperm The other way to die, is eat a can of worms Chorus 3X [Outro: ODB] Give me a little... Yo, I love you girls cuz you wanna stick your tongue up in my ass Or you can't taste, smell, touch or hear, or see I got you in a smash, give me it!
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