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Clawfinger - Sick Of Myself

Sick Of Myself

#Alternative Metal

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Clawfinger - Sick Of Myself
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Текст песни "Clawfinger - Sick Of Myself"

I'm good for nothing, I'm a fucking bad excuse The truth is that I just can't be of any use So show me where the noose is and watch me when I die I've made so many knots that I don't know how to untie I've tried every angle, tried to handle my emotions I'm strangeling myself up to the point of self implosion I'm drowning in an ocean full of thought so self abusive It's a downward spiral, it's the hate that hate produces I make myself, so sick of myself x3 I hate myself I'm stuck in a corner this is my own private casket Four walls around me I feel like a sitting target I can't find the exit without asking for directions But I can't find it in me, to ask you any questions I don't like suggestions and I hate to take advice Cos' that's a sign of weakness, I can't make that sacrifice The vice is that I'm selfish but I still need recognition I fear and loathe myself when I'm forced into submission I make myself, so sick of myself x3 I hate myself All the hate I hide in me is constantly misguiding me And all my mixed emotions slowly building up inside of me It's like an evil guide in me is breaking down the pride in me I don't know what's right from wrong my feelings are dividing me All the hate I hide in me Is building up inside of me And breaking down the pride in me It's like something has died in me
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