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Snoop Dogg - Bang Out

Bang Out


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Snoop Dogg - Bang Out
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Текст песни "Snoop Dogg - Bang Out"

[Chorus: Jasmin Lopez] Bang out, 'til the sun comes up The wheels fall off and the drop collapse Cause I bang out, keep my glock in hand While you're posted up, chillin wit'cha mans Bang out, won't catch me sleepin While you in the club, goin out for keeps Cause I bang out, shots go off quick Catch yo' ass butt-naked while you wit'cha bitch Cause I bang out [Snoop Dogg] I toss up the set I walk up in this bitch with some gold on my neck Yeah nigga, I'm controllin the set Rock and roll on a bitch then grab ahold of my dick Uhh, I pop a hole in your clique So you don't wanna fuck with this One nigga found on the ground we don't fuck around D-O-double-G Pound, L.B.C. style [Interlude: Jasmin Lopez] Victory, is mine, and no one shine Ain't no need to try, can't stop my grind Keep, my pen, in hand, goin on for mine If, you did-n't know, just press rewind Victory is mine [Chorus] [Snoop Dogg] Eastside Long Beach Rollin 20's Yup, we fully wid'dit Yeah, we wear dem black and gold coats with the patch on the back that's says Stealers A lot of niggaz wanna do us but they cain't cause it's hard to get wit us Watch out for them sliders, boy we riders Heavy hitters, Eastsidaz, yeah We shoot first, talk later Nigga y'all hater, Doggy Dogg spray ya And then I slid away Smooth lil' getaway, did it with a chill today I'm gonna need a hit a day I live my life like I was John F. Kennedy Mm, nah, I won't be sent away Fuck a cop, non-stop, 20 Crip, all day [Chorus] [Interlude] [Snoop Dogg] Yeah nigga, back bangin, HA HA HA The Big Boss Dogg nigga, Snoop D-O-double-G R&G nigga - Rhythm & Gangsta: The Masterpiece Fuckin these niggaz up once again, yeah yeah And you don't stop (BANG OUT!)
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