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Clawfinger - Not Even You

Not Even You

#Alternative Metal

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Clawfinger - Not Even You
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Текст песни "Clawfinger - Not Even You"

How come all things you say just don't make sense to me Why do we spend so much time just refusing to agree If you say you like something you know I'll say I don't And when you want to do something that's fun you know I won't Why is it always my turn to take care of this mess I don't think it's fare to say I'm always doing less You don't know what I do so I don't think you should moan And if you're so much better you can do it on your own Nobody likes me like I do, not even you Nobody needs me the way I do, not even you Nobody knows what I'm going through, not even you You always make me feel like everything I do is wrong And things would be much easier if we could get along But every time I criticize you, you over react Please don't tell me one more time that opposites attract That has to be the biggest fucking lie I've ever heard Don't tell me to shout my mouth I haven't said a word You're the one that started it and you know that I know So what's the use there's no excuse you know that no means no Is there really any point in working this all out All we ever do these days is fight and scream and shout Maybe we should give it up and just call it a day I can't think of anything I even want to say I'm sick and tired of feeling like I've been misunderstood So give me one good reason and I'll stay night here with you I can't take another day I don't know what to do
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