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Bob Sinclar - Tennessee



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Bob Sinclar - Tennessee
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Текст песни "Bob Sinclar - Tennessee"

Wild city living In takes my breathe away But I'm not living The way I ought to be Check it out, there's surely something missing Got to move, on, before I kiss the ground I hear you calling I see your beauty in my mind A piece of heaven A place where living in crazy Check it out, I still recall the feeling Got to find me a way Somehow, got to make it back ... to Tennessee Chasing the rainbow- shooting for the moon Aiming much too high - getting so confused I'm all out of luck I'm all out of love Guess I... I just had enough Now my western tears Remin me of my home And my western heart reminds me I'm alone But my heart is sure that love will guide the way Now my western soul goes... back... to Tennessee
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