Limp Bizkit - Outro



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Limp Bizkit - Outro
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Текст песни "Limp Bizkit - Outro"

This is HDFW Base to Chocolate Starfish reading over Chocolate Starfish reading over Your mission ? Universal communication Was your mission completed? Affirmative - permission to terminate? Permission grated - bring it on Fuck Limp Bizkit man Jesus Ooooh I can put a z in my name I’m bad I’m never going to move out of Jacksonville I’m going to live in fucking Harlem You know that was my first err rock slash rap album so eh it’s a kinda new to me this whole pop world you know This is a phat beat by the way I’m taking PH phat Thank you to DJ lethal for this phat beat. Did you grow up with DJ lethal Fred? Laugh No? and did you go out with DJ lethal when you were kids That’s what his momma named him ahh Ooooh little DJ lethal laugh Can’t mess with Limp Bizkit cause we get it on every day and every night So back it up you know what I’m saying WHY YOU DON’T LIKE LIMP BISKET?? What? No no no I think that Limp Bizkit is great man’ WHAT DO YOU LIKE ABOUT US? I like that you’re so fuckin out there with your message you know Shut the fuck up man watch out mum big bad rock star ARE YOU SERIOUS? Oooh I can slash your ass with a chainsaw no I’m just saying the message of being able to slash someone’s ass that a good message to put out there. And with a chainsaw when you get it down raw or whatever you know what I’m talking about, you know what I’m talking about right. Laugh SO OBVIOUSLY YOU REALLY DON’T, YOU’RE NOT DOWN WITH THE BISKIT? No, no I’m limping with the Bizkit I’m totally limping with the Bizkit man I am limping with the Bizkit totally WOULD YOU PAY, ARE YOU GOING TO PAY MONEY TO LISTEN TO THIS RECORD? This record which one this one you mean the Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water laugh So yeah cut the beat and let’s start the shit up ok Come on shut the fuck up and start the shit up its all crazy thrash punk pop metal to you but its all somewhere up there the annals you know up there with Rod Stewart and ehh Rod steward is the Bizkit man I mean I’m talking when you’re limping with the Bizkit you’re talking about the major groups in rock and roll who else could take rap, hip hop, thrash, punk Metal take it, throw it in the can, spin it around and come out with something that wasn’t fertilizer And it was the Bizkit limp Bizkit man And when they came on the scene I don’t care what you say, Counterfeit, blue, the fucking people down town (4:47) Laugh for 5 minutes and 2 seconds
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