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Альбомы Blue

All Rise
Absolute 2002, CD2
If You Come Back
One Love
All Rise
Bohlenopolis CD2
Absolute Music, Vol.39 (CD1)
One Love
Live From Wembley
Absolute Hits 2003, CD1
Best in Slow 9
Hitzone 23
Hitzone 22
U Make Me Wanna
Viva Hits, Vol.21 [CD 2]
Live Greatest Hits
Best in Slow 11
Hitzone 26
Hitzone 27
Absolute Music, Vol.45 (CD1)
Best Of Blue [CD2]
Best Of Blue [CD1]
Breathe Easy
4ever Blue
Between You And Me
I Can
I Can
The Dome Vol.58
Now Or Never
Italian Hits 2012
Risk It All
King Of The World
Classic Pop Groups CD1
70'S Party