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Альбомы Rihanna

Hitzone 33
Best in Slow 12
We Ride (CDS)
Hitzone 36
Hitzone 35
Hitzone 37
Break It Off


R&B (remixes)
Festivalbar 2006
Bring It Back
Shut Up And Drive
Hitzone 41
Hitzone 43
Party R&B 4
Smokin' R&B 4
MTV Mash 5
Black Summer 2007 (2 CD)
2000'S Divas (CD2)
Клип Года 2
Hitzone 44, CD 1
Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Vol. 12
Karaoke Rihanna
Hitzone 47, CD 2
Hitzone 45, CD 1
Hitzone 47, CD 1
Just Stand Up!
Streets Advocate
R'n'B Touch 11
Absolute Music, Vol.59 (CD2)
Live Your Life
Mtv Summer Hits
The Don Divas
Take A Bow
Disturbia [Mixes]
Rated R
Stupid in love
Live in London
Hitzone 48, CD 1
So You Think You Can Dance Australia
Hitzone Gold, CD 1
Now Big Hits 2009 (CD1)
Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Vol. 23
Absolute Music, Vol.60 (CD2)
RnB Kings
Bravo Hits, Vol.60
Hot Winter Hits
Silly Boy
Chew Fu Fixes
Best in Slow 15
Greatest Hits
Te Amo [Remixes]
Absolute Dance Winter 2010, CD1
Rehab [Remixes]
Radio Play 6
Just Dance 2
Pop Princesses 2010
We Love Winter
Hitzone 55, CD 1
Hitzone 52, CD 1
Hitzone 53, CD 1
Hitzone 54, CD 2
Celebrate! (CD1)
Toggo Music 25
Zet Dance Party 5
RTL Fruehlings Hits 2010
DMC DJ Only 135
Just The Hits Vol 2
Hip Hop Politics 4
Skyrock 2011
Boss Bitch's World
Hitbox 2010 Volume 3
Le Son Dancefloor 2010 (CD1)
Superventas 2010
DMC DJ Only 141 (CD1)
Now Mix 2 (CD1)
Club Ringtones Remix
Absolute Music, Vol.64 (CD2)
Absolute Music, Vol.63 (CD2)
Absolute Music, Vol.65 (CD2)
Rated R: Remixed
Scott Mills Presents Big Ones (CD1)
Fun Radio: Summer Dance 2010 (CD2)
Just Dance Vol 2
TC Remixes
The Remixtape
Rude Boy
100% Black Volumen 14
50 Hits 2012
X-Mix Chartbusters 70
Ultimate Office Party (CD1)
Soul Ballads
Absolute Dance Spring 2011, CD1
Absolute Dance Winter 2012, CD1
Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals 25
The Sex Ambitions
TOP 100
Now The Hits Of Autumn 2011
Hitzone 57, CD 1
Hitzone 56, CD 1
Pop Princesses 2011
Kids Top 20 Summer Edition 2011 (CD1)
Whiteowl R&B 75
Hitzone 59, CD 2
Fall Secrets
Hitzone 58, CD 2
MNM Love Songs
S & M
Maximum Hit Music: Best Of 2011 (CD2)
Hitzone Best Of 2011, CD 1
Club Nights 10
S&M Remix
Hop Bec Nr 14
Your Songs (CD2)
ERG Music Canada Nu Dance Traxx Vol 204
Absolute Music, Vol.68 (CD2)
Absolute Music, Vol.66 (CD2)
Absolute Music, Vol.67 (CD1)
Pure Winery 18
DMC DJ Only 145 (CD1)
Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Vol. 44
R&B Jumpoff 2K11
Promo Only Rhythm Radio October 2011
X-Mix Dance Series 146
Remixed 2.0
The Woman In Black
Remixes 1
Higher Power
CLUB Music
Now That's What I Call Music! 78 [CD1]
Now That's What I Call Music! 78 [CD2]
Dancehall Smash 7
Man Down [Remixes]
NOW Dance Spring Part 2
Hitzone 57, CD 2
How I Feel
Absolute Dance Autumn 2012, CD1
Absolute Dance Spring 2012, CD2
H1T 2012 (CD 1)
Talk That Talk
Absolute Hits 2012, CD2
Executive R&B 31
Hitzone 62, CD 2
Hitzone 60, CD 2
Skyrock 2013
Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Vol. 66
Right Now
Kiss FM Top-40
The Best Remixes [V.I.P.] [Vol.5]
Where Have You Been
Club Nights 19
Absolute Music, Vol.69 (CD2)
Absolute Music, Vol.70 (CD2)
Absolute Music, Vol.70 (CD1)
Executive R&B 29
Birthday Cake
Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Vol. 67
Saucey Hitz 2
Executive R&B 33
Summer Party
Take Care [Remixes]
Collection Music
Grand Rap Hits
Ministry Of Sound Euphoria [CD2]
Club Nights 22
I Am Mixtapes 156
Absolute Dance Spring 2013, CD2
Hip Hop TXL 26
1st Of The Month
The Monster
Ponzi Scheme
Reb'l Fleur
Stay [Remixes]
White Ice
Live, Love, Laugh (CD1) - Live
Loveeeee Song
Hitzone 64, CD 1
Fun Radio: Party Fun 2013 (CD1)
Whatnow Dance
What Now
Spring Melody
The March Winter : Утро
Absolute Music, Vol.72 (2CD)
Women Song 10
The Workout Mix - Summer Fit (CD1)
The Best Songs
Club Music 6
Bollywood Vol.25
MP3 Play
Dance Весна
Wiz World 2
R&B 101
Hip Hop TXL 35
B!tchy Remix
Клубничка DFM №55
In 20 Songs
Top-40 Kiss FM
Towards The Sun
Only Hits Vol. 2
Bitch Better Work
American Oxygen
American Oxygen
Trap Vol. 1
R&B Season 27
100 Romantic Songs
I Am Hip Hop 12
R&B Breakers 3
Now That's What I Call Music! 94, CD 1
Too Good
Top Club 60 - June 2016
Written By Sia
Best Of Rap
January TOP30
Needed Me
Sex With Me
As Featured Artist
Pop Dance Top Selection (CD1)
Radio Edit-8
Euro Pop Summer DD 1
Wake Up Hits
The Juice Rnb (CD2)