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Sukone Tei (健音テイ)

  • 健音テイ; Sukone Tei; Tei Sukone; すこってい; Scottei; Sukottei
  • Япония

ALIAS: Scottei (すこってい / Sukottei)
NAME INTERPRETATION: 健音 (Sukone; Healthy Sound)
MODEL: Q - Phonemically reminiscent to the word "Kiru", which means "Kill" in Japanese
GENDER: Female
VOICE RANGE: D3-D5 @ 45-120 BPM
AGE: 19
GENRE: Rock, Gothic
WEIGHT: 110.2 lbs (50 kg)
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS: 5'7" feet (171.2 cm)
CHARACTER ITEM: Cucumber and a butcher knife
OCCUPATION: Student in Waseda University, School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
EYE COLOR: Red. Turns into Sharingan when covered in blood
EARPHONES: Black headset with blue illumination
SKIRT: Red. Similar to Meiko Sakine's
ACCESSORIES: INFOBAR cellphone, a Sanyo W55SA cellphone, popularly used for LISMO services
NATIONALITY / RACE: Presumably Japanese
Kasane Teto - fellow troll fake Vocaloid
Yokune Ruko - fellow troll fake Vocaloid
Namine Ritsu - fellow troll fake Vocaloid
Hatsune Miku - has a desire to kill
Kagamine Len - obsessive crush
LIKES: Cucumbers, Kagamine Len, masturbating (no less about Len, using those cucumbers)
DISLIKES: Hatsune Miku (Has a desire to kill her and usurp her idol status); Anyone who likes Len as well (fan depiction); Hatoyama Yukio (tied with the Japanese sentiment over his performance as Prime Minister); Murder (an ironic dislike, comparable to Iori Yagami's dislike of violence, since she ends up committing murder anyway due to her Yandere nature)
VOICE SOURCE: Futaba Kako (加古二葉)
BIRTHDAY: June 19, 1991
RELEASE DATE: June 21, 2010
PERSONALITY: Tei is introduced as a yandere, someone who appears to be loving, but can get very violent for whatever reason; In her case, she'll be violent because of someone touching Len (her crush). She is always trying to kill Miku in order to take over the leading Vocaloid/Utauloid status. She despises the Vocaloids with a passion, and has an odd fetish for traffic lights. She's not ashamed to masturbate in public if the urge rises. As for her normal traits, she likes baking a cake. Her anger leads to the deployment the Public Security Operation (Police Operation) of JSDF to subdue her.

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