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Альбомы Rocko

Self - Made
Streets Advocate
Cocaine Flow 6
Bricksquad In Alaska
Wild Life
Im The Shit 160
Rocko Dinero
The Brrr Storm
Southern Smoke Radio 4
5 Star Trap
Goin Steady (Remix)
Da Colletcion
Down South Bangers 20
Gift Of Gab
Back Home
Gift Of Gab Prequel
Goin Steady
Supreme Team 7
ATL 9 (NFL Kickoff Edition)
The Dunkumentary
Boss Status 5
Radio Play 7.4
Slight Work 2
Keep It 3Hunna
Trap Bakery
Mollywood (Audible Narcotic Series)
Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks 39
Behind The Muzik 3
Trap Music: Gorilla Warefare Edition
Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks 29
Rocko's Modern Life
No Filter 2
Run The Check Up 5
Codeine Astronauts 2
Hip Hop TXL 27
I Am Mixtapes 153
I Am Mixtapes 159
I Am Mixtapes 157
I Am Mixtapes 154
White Ice
1st Of The Month
Hookah Highlife
Gift Of Gab 2
Hip Hop TXL 24
Hip Hop TXL 42
Hip Hop TXL 32
I Am Mixtapes 161
Diplomatic King
I Am Mixtapes 167
Exclusiv Tunes 4
Rapper's Delight
Street Exclusives 2
Hip Hop TXL 49
Hip Hop TXL 48
Swish Mix 33
Hip Hop TXL 37
Hip Hop TXL 40
Hip Hop TXL 44
Hip Hop TXL 34
Hip Hop TXL 47
Rolling Stones 2
Real Spill
Expect The Unexpected
Hip Hop TXL 60
CIAA Weekend 2015
Hip Hop TXL 68
Wordplay 2