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Альбомы Project Pat

Solo Tape
Represent It
Ooh Nuthin'
Rap Hits
Gorilla Pimp
The Day The Hood Stood Still
Break It Down
Cut Throat
Look What I Got
Way 2 Major
Pills, Weed & Pussy
Da Caper 2
Trap Music
Maybach Music Group
Everyday Hustle 7
Leanin & Ridin 4
Traps R Us 7
Blakulation 3 Trap Dreams
Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks 30
Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks 29
Sack Money
I Am Mixtapes 152
Hip Hop TXL 26
Been Trill
Cheez N Dope 2
Cheez N Dope
Hip Hop TXL 24
Hip Hop TXL 22
I Am Mixtapes 168
For Smokers Only
Hip Hop TXL 53
Hip Hop TXL 54
Wiz World 2
Molly Musik 3
Hip Hop TXL 49
Hip Hop TXL 48
Hip Hop TXL 44
Memphis Great
Xsquadradio Vol. 4
Hip Hop TXL 58
The Best Of La Chat
Hip Hop TXL 65
Real Gz Make Gz
I Am Trap 12
Chicken Room 2
Green Crack
Project Black
Trappers & Clappers
Cash Out
Like 2 Smoke
2 Chickens
Summertime Trapout (with SaySay)
Go Out And Trap (with Chaos)
Tha Oof
Hand On The Bible
Out The Mud
Quarter Million
Stay Down
Bankroll On Me
Thug Boyz
Bank Roll
Its A G Thing (with G)
Leg Shot
Dont Slip
Catchin Juggs (Remix)
R$N (Real $Treet Nigga)
Making Plays
30 Clip
Memphis Legends (With Kholebeatz)