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Альбомы Mobb Deep

Peer Pressure
Cop Hell
Pre-Hell EP
Still Shinin'
Hip Hop Song's
The Foundation
G.O.D. Pt. III
MTV Raps Vol. 2
Escape From Hell
Rep The QBC
Quiet Storm
Violator: The Album
Loud Rocks
Get Away
Sex Machine Today
The Dunn Languege
Double Shots
Get Ya Hustle On/155
Real Gangstaz
Hip-Hop Hits 9
Zero Tolerance
Gangstaz Roll
The Basement
Have A Party
He's A Hustler 2
Outta Control
Collection Vol. 6
Mobb Misses, Part 4
Blood Money
Deep Thoughts
Give It To Me
G-Unit is the army
New York Shit
Die Anyway
Street Wars 1
Mobb Hitz
Crate Diggaz Vol. 1
Instanta Conflict
Anthology (2CD)
The Mobb Files
Stadium Series Part 2
Stadium Series Part 4
Dj Wats
Music Hip-Hop
Murda Mixtape
Best Of Mobb Deep
Rapsody Hits
The Stock Report
Dog Shit
White Cocaine
The Science Of War
Street Lights
I Am Mixtapes 98
I Am Mixtapes 96
Best Of Car Soundz 24
Black Cocaine
Supreme Focus Clientele 4
Love Yall More
Dog Sh*t
Gta - Sabimixx
Tales From The Trap 4
Hip Hop TXL 30
The Elevation 2
I Am Mixtapes 163
All A Dream
The Jive Archive
Say Something
I Am Mixtapes 164
Hip Hop TXL 44
Hip Hop TXL 36
Hip Hop TXL 38
Hip Hop TXL 52
Hip Hop TXL 34
Steady Mobbin
White Cocaine 2
The Update
Golden Time Vol. 2
The Hood Transporter
Hesistate Or Regulate
Rap Stamp 2
The Evolution Of Rap Music Vol.1
Mobb Deep Remixes